Can Your Organization Afford Not to Have a Certified Devil's Advocate Auditor?

Decisions have consequences.

The decisions executives make will be tested. They will be tested by bosses and Boards. By customers. By competitors. By investors and creditors. By the media. By the communities in which firms operate.

One way or another, leaders of businesses, non-profit organizations and governmental bodies cannot avoid the scrutiny that will be brought to bear on their decisions.

Important decisions carry major risks. Millions of dollars and thousands of hours in employees' time may be at stake. The decisions executives make will determine the success of their organizations and define their careers. As Albert Camus said, "Our lives are the sum of the choices we make."

Forward looking executives should have the forbearance to determine if their decisions and plans can withstand a Devil's Advocate Audit before making their next critical decisions or embarking on implementing their strategic plans.

Every organization should subject their critical decisions to the scrutiny of a Devil's Advocate Auditor.