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Using Warrants in Leveraged ESOP Transactions  This session provides unparalleled insight into how to use warrants in structuring Employee Stock Ownership Plans. Business, tax, and legal issues are thoroughly discussed as well as exhibited with several detailed examples.

Negotiating Shareholder Oppression Issues  Shareholder oppression is the mistreatment of minority shareholders in closely-held companies. Such mistreatment can be in the form of depriving shareholders of critical company information; termination of their positions; refraining to pay dividends or to disburse distributions; self-dealing transactions; or, the usurpation of corporate opportunities.

Fiduciary Responsibilities of Private Company Boards of Directors  What are the critical case laws that Directors of Boards of private companies must be aware of? What considerations must Directors take into account when confronting exits? Acquisitions? Down-Rounds? Insolvency?

Boards of Directors v. Boards of Advisors  When must your organization create and maintain a Board of Directors? Under what circumstances is it advantageous to maintain a Board of Advisors? Where do the similarities and differences in creating, compensating and managing both Boards lie?

Insight into Fairness Opinions  The completion of many large corporate transactions hinges on fairness opinions. Thus, insight into the dynamics of commissioning fairness opinions--as well as the related scope, qualifications and potential conflicts--must be understood.

Decisions for Optimizing Board Development   This webinar provides a rare opportunity to learn how principles from psychology can help boards render enhanced decisions. Insight is provided into issues such as red flags in selecting board members, resolving tension among Board Members, and how to determine when Board Directors are overusing their skills.

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